180 Weekend: 2022

February 4th-5th

Cost: $35

Service Times

Friday Night

​February 4th - 7:00pm

Saturday Morning

​February 5th - 10:30am

Saturday Night

​February 5th- 4:30pm

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180 Weekend: 2022

A youth ministry event bringing together over 30 local churches for the sake of the Gospel!

Scripture is filled with references to the word "run." When we wait upon the Lord, we will "run" and not grow weary (Isaiah 40:31) Joseph RAN from Potiphars wife (Genesis 39:12)  and Proverbs 4 tells us that when we walk in wisdom, we will run and not stumble.
This year, we are going to focus in on a few passages that describe for us what it means to "run" the race that has set before us. How to run, what to run from, and what to run toward. From training to the finish line, Scripture gives us instruction on how to run. Join as as we #run180!