180 Weekend: 2021

April 23-24

Cost: $35

Service Times

Friday Night

​April 23 - 7:00pm

Saturday Morning

​April 24 - 10:30am

Saturday Night

​April 24 - 4:30pm



180 Weekend: 2021

A youth ministry event bringing together over 25 local churches for the sake of the Gospel!

Apart from Christ, there's a thousand different ways we try to define ourselves: by our race, gender, sexuality, friend group, wealth, etc. But none of those is a lasting identity. We need someone to come from outside ourselves and grant us an identity that can't be lost or taken away. Enter Jesus: through faith in his finished work—his life, death, and resurrection—we receive a new identity, a new "definition" of ourselves that changes everything about us. Join us for a weekend of exploring that new identity and what it means for those that follow Jesus.