180 Weekend: 2020

February 2-5

Cost: $35

Service Times

Friday Night

​February 7 - 7:00pm

Saturday Morning

​February 8 - 10:00am

Saturday Night

​February 8 - 4:30pm


Gospel Clarity

180 Weekend: 2020

A youth ministry event bringing together over 25 local churches for the sake of the Gospel!

The true gospel of Jesus Christ has been misunderstood and under attack since the time of Jesus. The Bible shows us the two most common ways that the gospel can be twisted, even by well-meaning people: Legalism and License. Legalism adds to the cross of Christ through human effort. License minimizes the cost of the cross by continuing to live in sin. At 180 Weekend 2020, the clear and explicit gospel will be preached while giving special attention to these two all-to-common errors. We hope you’ll join us as we answer the most important question of the Bible: what is the gospel?